Wantreez Music Inc.

3F, Bongeunsa-Ro 49Gil 18, Gangnam-Gu 06103  Seoul Korea, Republic of
+82 7046170780


Wantreez Music is a background music company based in Seoul, South Korea.
We were established in 2011 and have since then grown to be one of the largest service providers in Korea with around 10,000 different clients in areas such as hotels, clothing, restaurants, hospitals and more.
Since then we have also branched out to other types of services such as DID solutions, digital distribution, music marketing and more.
Through our experience in background music and by listening to our clients, we found that hotels have more needs and requirements than other businesses.
And so we established Pump Station, a subsidiary owned 100% by Wantreez, to start a new global service targetting hotel specifically.
Play Hotel Music was created for all types of hotels all over the world and we really try to help hotel managers gain more control over what type of music they want to represent their brand.
For example any device management allows the managers to make changes to music on the go, without having to contact the IT team (or whoever controls the music). It can be done from any location from their phone, pc, or tablet.
There are many new features that we feel would be helpful for hoteliers everywhere that is already included in the service intro :)