Vero Fabrics Ltd.

Vero Fabrics Ltd. 24 Wolsey Mews NW5 2DX  London United Kingdom
+44 1728 666 413


Vero Fabrics has quickly established itself as a fast growing luxury brand working closely to fulfil the design needs of the world’s leading interior designers.
At the heart of the company is the unique ability and individual capacity to work at a very personalised custom level. Working on some of the most prestigious projects, in both the hospitality and residential sectors, the team has the skill set and resources to react quickly and reliably to custom FF&E briefs. From weaving custom colours, textures and scales to interpreting and converting complicated creative concepts, Vero Fabrics has exceptional design knowledge and manufacturing expertise.
Vero Fabrics is recognised for its skill and ability to weave highly crafted and dynamic designs for some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and yachts. Our Hospitality collection is woven in FR yarns by highly skilled and dedicated weavers in England. Emphasis is placed on creating unique designs in beautiful colours and textures. We are especially proud of our seamless panel designs. This integrated concept has been developed further and now includes a beautiful collection of custom coloured ombres, stripes and geometric designs. We have also collaborated with many designers to create their own seamless panels taking inspiration from an architectural feature or a colour or texture from the actual location. Sourcing hard to find fabrics and colours is also a major part of what we do.