Waldstraße 33 76571  Gaggenau Germany (Baden-Württemberg)


VARICOR®  has been impressing customers for more than 35 years with its extensive product range of moulded parts and sheets as well as its various washstands moulded to order in one piece. 

Maximum flexibility, a wide range of applications, exceptional material properties and a broad spectrum of colours and shapes offer an almost unlimited variety of applications and designs. 

With variable-size moulded parts, there are a multitude of options that turn the washbasin into an individual, high-quality area of the bathroom.

Single washbasins can be connected seamlessly, and thus hygienically and easy to clean, to form row installations. Additional functional elements, such as paper disposals, Kleenex boxes, towel holder or handles, can be integrated into the washbasin thanks to the fact that the material can be machined subsequently, without having to install additional fittings made of other materials.

 Thanks to its special material properties, the material is used in a wide variety of areas, such as hotels, hospitals, care facilities, childcare centres – but also in aviation, where the highest demands are placed on the materials used.

 VARICOR®- an all-rounder of lasting value produced in the heart of Europe!