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Manufacturer / Suppliers for hospitality products, the specialist in waterproof mattress, duvet & pillow protectors, Microgel Pillows
The Krieit aims to become the reference leader, and inspiration in lifestyle solutions,
designed with care, trust, and honesty. Above all, with a constant belief to thrive to deliver only
the best, because we care about the environment and our customers.
Our business was established not long ago, with a humble beginning.
We realized there are many things in life that could have been done better than what is already available in the market. With that, we designed our first product and created a
better waterproof mattress protector that is breatheable, and easy to use.
We have tested, and visited numerous factories individually, and finally found one that
met our requirements. Not only does it have to work, but it has to be non-toxic, especially
for people with sensitive skin, and infants.
We aim to have 10 distributors in the South East Asian region, distributing and marketing
our waterproof mattress protector in the next two years. We aspire to be the solution provider in the hotel industry. Constantly, providing our customer with the best value for the investment by sourcing reliable and good products. This direction is a compulsory must for every corporation interested to be our distributor and they will have to abide by the Mission & Vision of The Krieit.
The Krieit’s mission is to:
Provide high quality, affordable product solutions.
Create and cultivate long term relationships with clients.
Respond to the market needs and demands.
Achieve complete customer satisfcation.
Improve our services continuously.
Maintain a professional relationship with our business partners, and associates. By
encouraging ongoing communication to acheive the highest standard of service.
The Krieit’s vision is to deliver only the best products to the market, and be the best
At The Krieit, every person in the company is a team member, and a player with
high expectation, and must deliver a constant level of committment to our clients with
Respect, Intregrity, Passion, Excellence. Constantly, re-inventing new products through