Squatty Potty

1664 S. Dixie Drive 84770  St. George  (Utah)


Squatty Potty is a mobile device and is FDA registered. Squatting has proven to improve colon health because when you sit, the angle of your colon is “kinked”. Over the last 6 years over 5 million devices have been sold creating a conundrum for our loyal users.....what do I do when I travel? Although we offer a "Porta" version, many WISH they could call down to a front desk - or better yet - find their Squatty Potty in their hotel bathroom. You laugh...but elevating your knees allows a more natural position similar to what many are accustomed to in areas around the world - like Asia. Since the beginning of mankind, squatting has been the "norm", and Squatty Potty has brought this means of better posture to the mainstream. Offered at various price points and styles - this device could create a differentiator between your hotel and the next.