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We are the respresentative of Shanghai Meige Art & Mesign Co., Ltd., the Chinese electronic company headquartered in Shanghai, China (PRC) which currently produced the luxury Cha' T-Master Portable Smart Teaset. The objective is to entry overseas Market , because we believe that the overseasmarket is the premium market that focus on the excellent lifestyle, and premium product experience ias the first priority. After we read the company info of TopHotelSupplier, we found that the HORECA channal can help T-Master and Tea Drinker can be enjoy the new smart tea drinking approach, and help them more healthy. And T-Master will be the device that create more tea consuming, can be push the tealeaf consuming of high-end level of tealeaf also. For the HORECA channel, we aims to provide all of customers the best moment of tea by the smartest way, and T-Master can be use as AI tea-offering service device to customers who will be enjoyed the new type of tea offering service experience. So, we believe TopHotelSupplier can be help every tea-drinker to try the smart way of tea drinking. The briefly description of T-Master: The way of tea-drinking is changed already, from very complex and many tools to brew tea. For now, we need the new smart tool to make the process of tea brewing and drinking easlier by the highest accurancy. To offer the best moment of tea for everyone is the main reason of launching this new T-Master. The product info will be as following link: The main product feature of T-Master will be as following:
  1. Tea-Brewing music and voice notifications, and voice message can be customized by yourself.
  2. More than 9 languages of voice nortification,and will plus the other major languages also.
  3. LED round-lighting
  4. More than 300 types of tea varieties data stored in the device, can be suggest and tell you best drinking moment of each kind of tea.
  5. Can be customerzation in terms of colour, logo (Value added service)
T-Master contents 17 languages for operate, can be customized the welcome voice message in all of these 17 languages such as Welcome, thank you, happy birthday and more. T-Master's primary objectives were to elevate global brand awareness, position the brand as truly international, innovative but user-friendly with in-depth varieties of tea brewing method as to the product features with a view to ultimately generating propensity for healthy tea-drinking. The "Cha' T-Master Smart Teaset" was unveiled on August 2018, and currently already sales in Chinese e-commerce platform like For the hotel channel, we are already co-operate with Bangkok and Hua-Hin leading hotels in Thailand. In terms of hotel smart-tea service device (By the customized voice and sound by Hotel) and customized hotel gift (Insert the hotel logo). Both department store and hotel channel will be the main offine channel of T-Master, and B2B Distribution channel will be the additional channel for T-Master also. Thank you for taking your time and we are looking forward to further discussion and establish valuable business relationship together onward. More Info: +8613761118525 (WhatsApp/WeChat)