Seramik Sanayii Ve Ticaret a.s.

Boztepe Sokak 34906  Istanbul Turkey
+90 216 378 90 54


In 1950‘s, when the Turkish government decided to revamp ceramic tile production in order to support the fast growing real estate investments, GORBON was one of the first ventures to lead the industry. Under the supervision of Prof. Rebii Gorbon; GORBON became the ‘love brand of Turkey’.

A very wide range of products from floor tiles to traditional Ottoman wall tiles, from giftware to dinnerware was produced by GORBON and each of them won the respect of Turkish consumers. Many Turkish families in Turkey still treasure their GORBON gifts in their homes. The fame of GORBON spread to the Middle East in the late 1980’s, whereby very significant development projects were decorated with GORBON Tiles.