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Since 1937, glass fabricators and automotive engineers have counted on Saflex® for high quality products, reliable service, and expert advice to help deliver world class technology for laminated glass. Eastman architectural glazing products include Saflex polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers for glass lamination as well asVanceva® Colors PVB interlayers.Architects &l engineers are taking advantage of our products which include structural performance, a variety of colors, acoustic sound reduction, and solar UV protection that provide the added benefits of safety, security, and weight reduction inherent to the PVB when laminated between two pieces of glass. Saflex interlayers are valued in architectural applications for the safety, security, acoustic, solar, and structural benefits provided. From hurricanes to bomb blasts, Saflex provides safety and security from shattered glass by holding the glass to the interlayer on impact. Saflex interlayers provide protection from damaging ultraviolet solar rays, in addition to acoustic sound dampening benefits that are valued in spaces such as airports, restaurants, and industrial complexes.