Radiopark Middle East

Business Center Rakez  (Ras Al Khaimah)


Radiopark develops and produces individual music and audio for the cruise ship industry, hospitality, retail, gastronomy and for online platforms. The Hamburg and Dubai based media corporation supplies customers in more than 40 countries. Customers’ satisfaction is the highest goal of Radiopark. A well matched team of music-editors, audio designer, technicians, engineers and project manager use the latest technologies for a vital and professional realization of each project. Radiopark music channels get a new and fresh mix every day. These are not playlists that repeat themselves or music mixes that were developed at random. Our staff of editors create premium music programs by using knowledge, experience, taste and feeling. A change of musical energy by dayparting is also an option e.g. fresh morning mix, daytime medium lounge program and relaxed & soft in the evening. Exact timing and planned rotation of tracks is the heart of our solution. Even a complete change in repertorie (e.g. Pop to Lounge) within one day is possible. The Radiopark mediaplayer (RAMP) solutions consist of specifically configured computer hardware which ensures that music is automatically provided. To operate, no special technical knowledge, display or keyboard is required. The devices simply need to be connected to an existing amplifier (like a CD player) and will then automatically play the music scheduled for the respective day and relevant time. Updates for music programs are supplied via CD/DVD/USB or online. Radiopark RAMP solutions can be either a one channel solutions, or a one channel solution with touchpanel, manually changing the music genre or 19” server with a multichannel solution, depending on the clients’ requirement.