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Ancient Transylvanian Flavours Erected almost 2,000 year ago, after the conquest of Dacia, an area covering much of the histoical region of Transylvania(modern north-central and western Romania), Porolissum is today among the best-preserved Roman camps. Nowadays we lead a life mirroring the legacy our ancestors, the Dacians and the Romans, left us with, not only intriguing architectural stuctures, living vocabulary, but also culinary and healthy nurturing habits, well known being the fact that the Romans loved dried fruits, as the Porolissum brand brings before you. After 2,000 years, Porolissum brand replicates the drying process, called now dehydration, into a controlled environment, in own factory, by maintaining a temperature below 60*C, without using any preservatives, sulphites or colourings. Moreover, the company processes fruit from old varieties of apples, plums, walnuts, field fruits, forest mushrooms and other highly nutritional organic ``superfruits``(certified by Ecocert). In this manner, one can still say that they come to enjoy the same fruits and mushrooms as our predecessors did. The Porolissum products strive to be found in modern high-end gatherings, such as fancy restaurants, organic or pharmaceutical stores, luxury hotels and airline menus.