Phenic Skincare

44 Portland Street 01608  Worcester United States (MA)


Phenic Skincare began as an oil cream recipe passed down through generations in Sophia's family in Lebanon. In 2017, we took this recipe and tweaked it by swapping out a few ingredients, with great care to preserve authenticity, but also increase its efficacy and sustainability.

All Phenic Skincare products are made in the United States with high quality, organic, cruelty free and locally sourced ingredients. We are very careful with what we put into our products and are proud to be certified as vegan and cruelty free through PETA.

Our ingredients are true power players, they multitask and offer skin multiple benefits at once. This is how we keep our ingredient list short, sweet, and easy for customers to navigate.

The base ingredient of all our products is olive squalane. Squalane oil is a clear and lightweight oil that is highly nourishing for our skin because it is very close in composition to our skin's natural oils. Because our body recognizes squalane, it absorbs quickly without any greasy feeling leftover. This make it an amazing moisturizer and we love that it also provides anti-aging benefits such as fine line reduction.