Leolux Global B.V

Kazernestraat 15 5928  Netherlands (NL Venlo,)
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About Leolux LX Leolux LX is a furniture brand for architects and interior designers. It supports these professionals in the design of commercial interiors. With no fewer than 60 models to choose from, Leolux LX’s elegant and contemporary collection aligns with the changing requirements of today’s work and home environments. We offer our distinctive models in a wide range of variants, materials and colours. That gives you everything you need to exploit your creative and expressive potential. We are, in other words, “Empowering Expression”. Leolux LX is all about design concepts by professionals for professionals. Concepts by renowned international designers are finetuned by our developers into products that combine expressive design with quality, comfort and functionality. A process in which there is no space for concessions and in which the end-user’s experience shapes everything we do. Leolux LX is a brand of the Leolux Furniture Group and our products are manufactured in the Netherlands.