InnVantage Hospitality Services

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The Innvantage Model: We believe that the most efficient way to complete an FF&E project is consolidation. With Innvantage responsible for your project’s logistics/warehousing, installation, and project management, your projects will be free of the unpredictability of subcontractors, ultimately saving customers both time, and money. With each of these companies in our group, Inntergrated Logistics, Innstallers, and InnPM, operating as their own entities, they have the experienced infrastructure and personnel to properly manage their own work. By utilizing Innvantage for all aspects of the project, we appoint an internal project coordinator as a single point of contact for every project. This provides us the flexibility to accommodate the demanding last minute changes that often plague most hospitality projects. ONE company, NO subcontracting, NO additional mark-ups, MORE competitive pricing. Innvantage hospitality is a leading provider of FF&E, logistic/warehousing, installation, and project management services for hotel owners and operators who are building or renovating their properties. From customized boutiques to prominent hotel chains, we are extremely knowledgeable in brand standards.