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Everyone in the towel industry is aware of the famous high quality Turkish Towels. They are produced with local cotton and are best known with their excellent balance between softness and absorbance.

Too much absorbance can lead to slower drying pace for the towel and it may stay wet for a long time due to frequent usage. On the other hand, high-absorbent towels can absorb the moisture in the air in humid climates. Thus, they stay wet all the time and may grow mold. The absorbance balance is the key for a good towel.

Turkish cotton is well known of its long, strong fibers that lead to endurance and optimum absorbance. This cotton is endemic in and special to Turkey. Turkish cotton’s absorbance is less then Egypt cotton and it does not stay wet too long on long and frequent usages. A towel that is produced with Turkish cotton has a perfect balance between softness and absorbance. Especially on occasions where through-dry time is crucial like travel, beach, sports and yoga, this property saves you the trouble.