9081 S. Yosemite St. 80124  LONE TREE United States (CO)


We manufacture the World’s first Far Infrared Heated Health, Fitness and therapy Saunas.

FitSauna is Uber meets Peloton – and - the World’s first fitness vending machine: Our mobile app helps to attract clients to hotel locations where FitSaunas are set up. Using the app allows clients to activate the power upon completion of payment; No Humans Required.

Clients are attracted to the warmth and health benefits of infrared heat and the idea that they can burn 600 calories while watching TV inside. Those looking for a workout can go from hot yoga to intense resistance training by just changing the video; 100’s to choose from.

FITS IN GYMS OR LARGE SUITES: Big enough to sit 3-4 or one to work out - Small enough to fit in any gym or large Suites… (FitSauna in gyms or FitSuite in rooms)

No human interaction required; Only towels needed…