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Fashionizer designs bespoke hotel and restaurant uniforms for luxury brands, 5-star properties, resorts and spas, retail and corporate service sector providers worldwide. A luxury uniform design company with an exceptional track record in creating bespoke uniforms for luxury brands, 5-star hotels, resorts and spas, retail and corporate services. With over 25 years’ experience in the luxury hospitality and retail industries, Fashionizer understands that each client has highly specific needs. It has an award-winning reputation in creating unique design concepts and turning them into a reality - surprising and delighting clients time after time. Fashionizer designs fashionable, impactful bespoke uniforms; which are beautifully executed, work well operationally across a range of body types. Fashionizer works in close partnership with its many high-end clients to deliver a bespoke uniform design service, paying attention to details and ensuring consistency and quality time after time. The company is focused on achieving the highest quality in all elements of the supply chain, and are constantly striving for best practice in all aspects of their business. A small collection of ready to wear garments is also available at Their sister company, Fashionizer Spa, focuses on offering fully sustainable uniform solutions for spas. From using natural fabrics, ethical production methods, to recycled plastics, Fashionizer Spa is constantly evolving and keeping track of new and cutting-edge ways to maintain their position as a market leader in a sustainable uniform fashion