Ezi Maid Bed Lifting Systems, N.A.

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THE WORLDS ONLY BED LIFTING COMPANY Increasing competition in the hospitality industry is resulting in housekeeping staff now having an 85% higher risk of injury than non-housekeeping staff due to heavier, more luxurious beds. With multiple US & International Patents, the Ezi-Maid Bed Lifting System is an innovative product that was designed to guarantee the reduction of injuries related to bed making. The device also makes it possible to clean under beds and provide a cleaner, healthier environment for staff and guests alike. The Ezi-Maid Bed Electric and Spring Lifting Systems fits to your existing beds. The device lifts the bed up off the floor to waist height so housekeeping staff can make the bed standing up. Not only will this reduce the amount of injuries for the housekeeping staff, but also means that hotel owners can potentially expect signifigant reduction in workers compensation claims, resulting in increased profits.