englisch dekor HandelsgmbH & Co KG

Scheydgasse 29 1210  Wien Austria
+43 1891 070


The company was founded in Vienna in 1866 by Eduard August Englisch, whose name has since been used. Today it is run by the Fleischmann family in 4th generation. Over the past two decades, the trading house has evolved into a textile publishing house, has grown a lot and has taken the design and quality development into its own hands. The strength of englisch decor lies in the service of offering customers the widest possible choice and being able to deliver promptly, inexpensively and in any quantity worldwide. More than 80 countries are now part of the company's radius and more is being added daily. The personal commitment and innovative strength of the employees continue to drive forward the successful internationalization of the traditional brand. Our references: https://www.englisch.at/en/UeberUns/Referenzen