Bellolite Technology Ltd.


BelloLite specializes in LED cordless table lamps, LED Furniture, LED Bar Products and lights for commercial, hospitality, home and outdoor environments. BelloLite is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the most innovative, fashionable, and economical cordless lamps and lighting worldwide. While the company is founded in 2011, we have exclusive know-how about the cordless lamp industry, as over the last 10 years, we were responsible for the ODM of cordless lamps sold under different brand names. Thus, we strive to design and deliver quality lighting products that benefit both people and the environment since we understand the product so well. With expertise in design and production management, BelloLite offers its valuable customers unique designs of cordless colored lights and lamps. Not to mention, we are also flexible and are more than pleased to design according to your specific company/ personal needs.