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Palmex International offers its products being a global leader in the synthetic palm industry, we consider it an honor, in addition to our responsibility to concentrate on research and development of high quality durable palm leaf, with a strong commitment to ecological roofing for A better future. Palmex uses new technology to make palm roofs a smart alternative. Our products provide ... More safety: Waterproof, UV protection, resistance to storms and winds of 170 km / hra, products with retardarte to the fire. More durability: manufactured in high density polyethylene (HPDE), industrial quality. More guarantees: Warranty of 20 years, 50 years of life expectancy, certified class A and C against fire. More practical: easy to install, versatile and flexible, it can be used on ceilings in any way. More comfort: efficient thermal and acoustic insulation. More ecological: 100% free of maintenance, no toxic products are required for cleaning or fumigation, possible recovery of rainwater; 100% recyclable More profit: It is a safe investment that recovers over time, also adds great value to the property. Greater style: Traditional appearance identical to the natural leaf, does not change its appearance over time; original and innovative. The network of representatives and distributors Palmex covers the entire world market. Our projects cover all types of buildings: residential, commercial, hotel and public, throughout the country.




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