Bahama GmbH

Gewerbeparkstr. 34 51580  Reichshof-Wehnrath Germany
+49 2265 9980


Founded in 1950, Bahama designs and produces high-quality and versatile giant umbrellas and awnings today. National as well as international customers trust in our industrial technology and craftsmanship. Bahama's high quality products are characterized by both technical attributes such as compactness, durability and wind stability, as well as aesthetic components such as form and material beauty.

Our fully-fledged production "Made in Germany" produces almost all components in-house. Due to the interplay of material quality and constructional quality, Bahama guarantees the wind resistance of its products when opened, depending on the model up to max. 130 km / h.

And most importantly, we live customer service - from advice, through installation, to cleaning, winter storage and maintenance.

Discover the possibilities of an extended outdoor season. In wind and weather. Get to know us!