Ancona Grupa d.o.o.

Makarska 31 Project office | Zavrtnica 17, HR-10000 Zagreb 31400  Djakovo Croatia
+385 31 840 840


Ancona Group Ltd. is a modern furniture factory located in the eastern part of Croatia, in town Đakovo. It is operating in its own factory, on 9.000 sqm of internal workspace for offices, production and installation, 3.000 sqm of warehouse and external space of 11.000 sqm. Our technology is very sophisticated and carefully selected to be able to produce in high quality all our range of products; from very simple furniture items, to complexed and by quality and design very demanding ones. Most of our 110 employees are young people with enthusiasm, knowledge and persistence making our Products and company totally different then our competitors; always willing and ready to hear, feel and respect customer’s demands and desires. Always striving to achieve the best possible product, use of modern technology, quality materials and qualified personnel allows the company to produce a first-class product able to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning clients. Our two main divisions of products are kitchen and contract furniture. We have made selection of most interesting compositions for both to be presented in our new showroom. Exhibited kitchens are high price ranged, made of high quality materials and quiped with modern appliances. Contract furniture is imagined and presented by divisions: 5* hotel, 4* hotel, nursery room, student apartment. All the rooms are fully equiped with furniture, lamps, curtains, flooring, decorations and bathrooms, so our customers are able, when they come, to get real filling and complete view of space, materials and design. Times when efficient individual machines could produce competitively without integration into their production environment are well and truly behind us. That is why we select our machines from wide-range of HOMAG Group solutions – the best guarantee for reliable, economical production and lasting success, like they say: “For success with a system”. All machines are tailor-made according to our production needs. That helped us to optimize our processes – it makes great economic sense by keeping our investment secure for many years to come. Perspective company with proven and recognized quality find it’s main way for business sucess on foreign markets; mostly with customers appreciated high quality and modern designed products from western Europian and Scandinavian countries. We are very proud that our products are recognized and accepted also in wider world perspective. With further grow and new customers and markets our main goal is to increase current 70% of export in total income, to even more significant figures.