Aero Light Co., Limited

Yun Shan Si Yi, Bai Yun District 510000  Guangzhou China (Guangdong)
+86 2038031446


AERO LIGHT CO., LIMITED is a hidden gem of high-quality LED lightings supplier in China. With the persistence of high standard manufacturing level and professional services, AERO stand out rapidly and become one of the favourite brand of famous lighting consultants and luxury hotels. Up to 2018, Aero had accomplished over 40 luxury hotel projects in China and Asian countries. With a strong and experienced R&D team, AERO developed high technology specific optical lens to assure high efficiency out put of top quality LED packages with accurate beam angles. Our leading heat control technologies and high quality drivers, make our products recognised more durable and stable. Our innovative structural design allow our clients to save a lot of time on installation and angle adjustment. We are also able to provide custom lighting solutions to cater unique requirements. AERO believes that, a lighting fixture is not a hardware fitting only, but a carrier to deliver perfect effect of light, to perform the idea of designer, to interplay with the architecture and to generate emotional touch with the end user. As an outstanding LED lighting supplier, we are not only manufacturing a comprehensive range of high-quality LED lights, we also provide one stop architectural lighting solutions and professional services. That’s why AERO has been appreciated by so many likeminded designers and clients. Headquarter of AERO locates at Guangzhou, China, as well as R&D team. Branch offices spread out in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore to provide prompt and professional services to designers and client’s project sites.