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ad notam is a German company specialising in engineering and manufacturing smart glasses and mirrors. By definition, a smart glass/ mirror is an integration of both electronics, such as screens, monitors, lighting or other features and glass/ mirror surfaces.

ad notam acknowledges the equal importance of both elements, and continues to develop new and exciting
breakthroughs on both fronts. It is ad notam’s philosophy that any product is only as good as its elements.

By specialising in this technology, we have gained a deep knowlege about both electronics and glass/mirror technology. That's why ad notam is able to provide its demanding clientele with the most cutting-edge technology they deserve.

ad notam’s research and development team has flawlessly adapted and calibrated the MIRROR IMAGE screen systems for installation behind glass or mirror.

MIRROR IMAGE is the screen system from ad notam that drives images through glass or mirror to deliver magnificent picture quality. Whether placed behind a colored glass, a crystal mirror or a MAGIC MIRROR, MIRROR IMAGE, it transforms an ordinary glass or mirror to a smart product “powered by ad notam”.

From the gapless screen architecture system; from the low-voltage power supply which allows even the worlds
largest smart mirror with a 84.0” screen diagonal to operate in damp environments, to the slick “disappearance act” of the MAGIC MIRROR; these are just some of the advantages ad notam offers its clientele.

As the inventor of the Mirror TV with over ten years experience in this competitive industry, ad notam remains the leading expert in this technology.

Thanks to its facilities, as well as its in-house engineering team, ad notam is able to quickly adapt your needs and industry trends to its products. Focusing its philosophy on the customization and integration of its products, ad notam is acknowledged as one of the best providers of solutions in interior design and functionality.

ad notam established distribution channels in more than 50 countries all around the world and services many more countries via the headquarters in Germany with support from ad notam’s regional headquarters in New York, supervising the North and South American markets and Singapore, supervising the Asian markets. From showroom-based sales and customized Tailored Solutions via our regional authorized ad notam dealer network, through retail channels featuring the ad notam Standard Solutions, ad notam is a recognized world brand with a reputation of ingenuity and unparalleled quality.