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Turri's history is rooted in the history of Italian design and began in 1925 when Pietro Turri started his workshop in the heart of Brianza with impeccable craftsmanship. In almost one hundred years of events and decisions, many situations have changed, and today Turri is considered a reference company in the international market for contemporary furniture, and an ambassador of craftsmanship for the most refined contexts. From magnificent private penthouses to luxury hotels, from yachts to the most exclusive restaurants, Turri overall program offers a broad choice of products capable of furnishing any environment with a strong identity. The catalog is characterized by upholstered furniture, storage units, tables, lights, decorations, accessories and much more to bring to life complete projects that are harmonious and coordinated in style. What makes Turri's production unique is its sensitivity to tradition and its skill, combined with a high level of sartorial culture, careful research into original manual work and 100% Made in Italy production. A meltingpot of values ​​that have spread the company's harmony and its name around the world and with it, also the most lively and authentic concept of “Italian excellence”. Along the way, Turri has been open to the international markets since its third generation in the 1970s, but it was when the torch was passed over to Andrea Turri in 2009 that the Brianza-based manufacturing company became truly global. Today Turri has about 30 single brand and multi-brand showrooms all over the world, but the link with its land of origin and its tradition have endured and all the accessories, from the first to the last element, are still produced in its Brianza headquarters