Manuel Larraga SL

Taormina 15-17 Nave 1 50197  Zaragoza


The story of Manuel Larraga, is the story of a family-run company specialising in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture. Founded in 1987 by Manuel Larraga and Rosaura Morata, the second generation of the family is now involved, providing a new vision to the project, which has continued to evolve. The company has become one of the best regarded in the sector, with the ‘Made in Spain’ label as their hallmark. Design and comfort are an unmistakable part of their creations, achieved through careful selection of the chosen materials. A wide range of fabrics and a craftwork give their products their uniqueness. Noteworthy for its professionalism and quality, ML has known how to adapt to these changing times: proof of this lies in their notable presence in the international market, being a reference for style, quality and comfort all over Europe. Manuel Larraga has managed to create a perfect combination between the strength of their designs and the delicacy of the littlest details making for a unique and unmistakeable style. The rigorous quality controls to which all its products are subjected make the ML name a guarantee of optimum quality. The company has managed to make a name for itself in the ‘contract’ world, with comfortable and elegant designs that add a certain warmth to the atmosphere, providing a hint of the ‘home from home’ wherever their creations are found. Strongly positioned in Spain and Europe, ML creations can be found in important places throughout in the main avenues of the capitals of culture and fashion. All this is thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious international decorators, architects and prescribing companies who have been given the opportunity to enrich the collection. One of the hallmarks of ML is undoubtedly, the home market, which has been a focal point since the founding of the company, starting in the Spanish market, before subsequently moving on into the rest of Europe. The exquisite customer service, exhaustive production oversight and product quality have been the key to ML consolidation.