Handon GmbH

Weberstraße 12 51491  Overath Germany
+49 221 4744540


In times gone by, some called our products work wear, others called them uniforms. Over the past 20 years, we have almost exclusively designed and produced corporate wear and business fashion. And there's little we haven't done already... Whether trade fair garments or promotion outfits, consistent and harmonized impressions based on corporate clothing, fashion supporting a corporate image - image wear – or simply outfitting a company's employees. We supply designer hotels with staff attire, airlines with airline fashion, and realize a broad range of tailored fashion solutions – quite literally. Sometimes at the last minute, but always on time – and consistently rewarded with the satisfaction of our international clientele. What seems certain: designations for what we make; what is almost as old as humankind itself: clothing. Clothing for people serving other people. People who love their jobs. People who show the highest commitment in their professions. We love our job too! We owe that and much more to the people we dress up professionally. And we take this very seriously.