DESARDI® wallcovering

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Inspired to turn something plain into a visionary statement, DESARDI provides a unique combination of classic luxury with global styled textures and finishes. Derived by traditional Dutch pieces and international presence, DESARDI offers one-of-a-kind, forward-vision digital wallcoverings that can transform any room into an architectural oasis. With the belief of making any space all its own, our exquisite materials are used as solutions to adhere to global design trends, customization and individuality that are continuously changing the industry. With more than ten years of experience in digital wallcoverings, give any bare wall a voice with our growing range of materials. At DESARDI, we take pride in global architecture and enjoy sharing ideas and merging blueprints to offer our customers the best solution they need for any environment. From earlier intervention and specification projects, to finishing, we work together with architects, surface designers, global design brands and wallpaper companies to expand their wallcovering selections and align with a wide range of aesthetics to include in private homes, commercial spaces, and public walls all over the world. Bridging our knowledge of both digital print technology and interior design, DESARDI stands firmly on the belief that custom wall decoration is a message that should reach the world and have a value that everyone can attain. Bringing forward impeccable wallcoverings, we are able to take our passion and showcase how it breathes high-quality style into any space. Since the beginning, DESARDI offers premium quality wallcoverings that comply with necessary industry standards that help create a perfect base for any future project. Our hopes with these intentional collaborations are to introduce customers with immense love for design and offer materials that will surely make a statement and be a visionary for all to see. Take wallcovering innovation a step further and elevate your designs with DESARDI.